Poker Chip Cases: Cart and Carry Chips Easily

Are your chips becoming a clutter? Are you misplacing a chip or two now and then? A container specifically designed to hold poker chips can help solve your chip-organizational problem.

Poker chip cases are typically equipped with chip trays to allow neat and easy stacking of chips. Most chip cases also come with spaces for cards, dealer buttons, and dices.

The storage capacity, interior and exterior design, and prices of poker chip cases vary. The varying prices of chip cases depend on such factors.

Poker chip cases usually have a minimum storage capacity of 200 chips and a maximum of 1000 chips. These chips can be neatly fitted on rows of chip trays that are particularly configured to keep your chip secure and well stacked and, thus, keep them from rolling over.

Many chip trays are also lined with materials like burgundy felt. Such covering provides not only esthetic appeal but added protection for your chips as well. The covering on the chip tray keep your chips from being scratched when they hit the bottom and sides of the case interior.

The exterior of most poker chip cases are made with materials meant to create stylish and elegant effect as well other than functionality and durability. Materials used to make poker chip cases vary. Most manufacturers have a wide assortment of poker chip cases to choose from. Some cases are made of acrylic, aluminum, and vinyl. Some made of oak wood, cherry, and maple.

Some chip cases have handle and latch which allow easy transport of chips from one place to another. Some do look like attaché cases! If you are planning to meet friends for poker at the beach, you can have all you need in one haul. Most chip cases designed for travel are made of aluminum and vinyl because they are lighter than wood.

Wooden poker chip cases, on the other hand, are a lot costlier than chip cases of made of acrylic, plastic, or aluminum. Poker chip cases made of wood may or may not have a handle. Some cases have lock and key in lieu of handle and latch.

Laser engraving is also available for wood covers from some chip case manufacturers.

All poker chip cases are designed for easy storing of your chips, cards, dealer buttons, and dices. If you are considering esthetic options, there is a wide variety of chip cases to meet your esthetic requirements. All in all, poker chip cases are built both for functionality and beauty.

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