Understanding Poker Jargon

Like any other game, poker has its own jargon that is relatively easy to understand. Some of them are not entirely technical; it only requires you to visualize the cards, the chips and the table. If you want to understand poker jargon, we put down some of the unfamiliar words and explain them to you:

The Hand This presents the two cards at your hand given by the dealer.

Rank of Cards This poker jargon refers to the rankings of different combinations on hand. Since the objective of poker is to obtain the strongest hand, then the player with the highest cards ranking wins.

Blind This poker jargon basically refers to the "overhead cost" of playing, meaning the forced bet that takes the form of a blind. The left of the dealer button pays the small blind, and beside the player beside the small blind pays the big blind. Every player gets to hold the dealer button so that the blinds are made on a rotation basis as well. Those who are beside the big blind are the first ones to act once the cards are dealt, meaning they are the first to choose whether to check or raise.

The Limit Another one of this poker jargon states the limit of the game. You might notice that the poker limit is stated in the form of $15/30. This means that the player can raise by $15 on the flop, and $30 on the turn and river, which is the last two betting rounds.

The Pre-Flop This poker jargon refers to the betting round wherein players wager their chips based on their hand. There are no cards on the board yet, meaning there are no combinations to be formed yet. The bets are according to the players' faith in their cards.

The Flop The flop is the first three hands that are dealt by the dealer. After the dealer has presented the flop, another round of betting is called, depending upon the strength (or ranking) of the hand of each player. Some players are lucky enough to form a combination at this point.

The River This is the last and fifth card that is dealt by the dealer. This card determines the fate of the players. After this card has been drawn, there is to have a last betting round based on the final results exuded by the fifth card.

When seeking for advice about how to play in poker, it is vital that you understand poker jargon first. Moreover, it is important to be cautious when selecting a poker room and it is suggested to read the Full Tilt review before joining any new poker room. In addition, if you want a deeper understanding of such terms, then we suggest that you watch poker games. Remember that to fully appreciate poker, one has to understand the game and the purpose of the rules.

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